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Twitter’s mobile demise September 14, 2008

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The impact of Twitter cancelling UK SMS deliveries hadn’t really sunk in until recently. I only used the deliveries to check up on how people were doing in the Twitterverse; I hadn’t realised the true scope of it.

Only after it was cancelled, did it hit me – the true capabilities of Twitter’s mobile service. People had blogged about interesting uses of Twitter via SMS, and I wanted to try it out, but couldn’t.

This is what I lost out on:

This is bad, Twitter, but I do sympathise. The costs mounted up, and you can’t keep everyone happy, I mean, alternatives would have been to use Ads on webpages or charge users for SMS, but honestly? That would have irritated me.

My thoughts on Remote Disk January 16, 2008

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The ‘ooh’s and ‘ahh’s of the MacBook Air’s size may be very well, but I’m more interested in it’s Remote Disk feature. A laptop with no optical drive seems sub-standard to me, I’d rather compromise the size instead of the function.

So, to use Remote Disk, I presume you have to be on the same wireless network as the other computer; that rules out non-WiFi situations, and to be honest, is it that secure on public networks? How fast will a CD or DVD run over WiFi? What functions do you lose – burning? erasing?

Another problem that strikes me is that the software for the host machine lies on the Leopard disk; would you, honestly, carry the disk with you wherever you go? For simplicity’s sake, I would probably copy the install files onto a flash drive or the laptop’s hard disk, I would never carry the OS around with me.

Did a disk drive really need to be omitted? Personally I think that remote disk is glorified network sharing (of the disk drive in this case), and it should be as a compliment to an optical drive, not as a replacement.

Mobiles to get more useful? November 28, 2007

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Take a look at this BBC News article.
Mobile phones might be becoming the next ‘digital wallet’, so you can pay for things automatically in your pocket.

What do you think? I like the idea a lot, but would it work with things like online shopping?


Making Life just that bit Better November 25, 2007

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There are some things that I just can’t leave alone, for all the right reasons. These things have made every day run smoother, easier, and more organised.

Graphic Novels

In addition to my current book, I’m liking graphic novels. They’re easy enough to take in my bag with me, and I can read them anywhere – on the bus, between lessons, at home – without it being too ‘heavy’. It doesn’t matter what page I open it at, I can still get a great story.




My iPod

My good old iPod Nano has seen me through so many long journeys, chores, and trips down town. It may just be a first gen iPod, but it still works great. iTunes & CD borrowing have ensured that it’s always ready for me.



Intelligent, free, automatic online backup. And it’s cross platform. What more could you ask for? [Link]

Splash Plastic
I don’t have a credit card, and I’m not allowed to access my bank ’til I’m older. Splash Plastic is like a top-up credit card, and I use it to shop online and in the high street.


iMAP for Gmail
Now I can read my email on my phone!


Schoolhouse + VoodooPad
These Mac apps are amazing, they keep me organised with just about everything. Schoolhouse does an excellent job of managing assignments.

HowTo: IM Control November 14, 2007

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For all the IM addicts out there, it’s possible to get more out of an IM. With the features already coded into your IM client, you could be just a few clicks away from IM’ing home to your hearts content.
All of these require a seccond IM account, but some of them use a certain protocol or Operating system feature. If you managed to tweak it so it can be run on a different setup, feel free to share.

Say you had a webcam set up on your home PC, and wanted to check back home when you’re on the road. Simply dial into Skype and You’ll be there. Link: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-use-skype-as-a-covert-snooper/

You’re at work (or school like me), and you come across a Torrent that you’d like to download. IT lockdown says no, but you know it’ll be done by the time you get back home. IM the Torrent back to your computer and have it automatically downloaded for you. Link: http://torrentfreak.com/a-simple-way-to-remotely-download-torrents-on-the-mac/

This one I’ve blogged about before. Currently OS X Leopard only, but I’m working to find a way around it. Free and simple VNC back home. http://allforces.com/2007/11/06/back-to-my-mac-through-ichat/

Favourite web apps blocked? Can’t do a ping? Use IMified, which adds a customisable interface to popular webservices, all in your client.

IM is NOT  just a timewaster. As I find more sources, I’ll update the list, or readers can comment and give their suggestions on cool IM control.

Eye-Fi – The Wireless Memory Card? November 2, 2007

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This is a bit of an oddity but an extremely cool one none the less.

Devices working wirelessly are cool. That crazy WiFi Skype phone. Printers not actually attached to anything but still somehow work. Wirless webcams. You get the picture.
Bizarely named Eye-Fi is a (nicely sized) SD card with a wireless adaptor built in. When you take photos, they’ll automatically be downloaded – via WiFi – to your PC or Mac, or you can get the card working with your router and get the photos uploaded to a Photo sharing service. And the best bit is, there’s minimal drain on battery.


WeBot- Grab your music from any PC/Phone September 13, 2007

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This is the sort of App I like. Going hand in hand with SoonR, WeBot allows you to define Media locations, then stream it to any Computer (PC, Mac, Linux etc) and iPhone, as well as many other phones. I’d use this at school, when I can’t exactly use my iPod for fear of it being confiscated. Your thoughts?


iPod Touch – iPhone Clone? September 6, 2007

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iPod Touch
For those who come here looking for an iPhone clone, click here

I know what I want for my birthday.

The new iPod Touch is like the iPhone, only without the phone part…the iPod Touch? Anyway, It boasts a 3.5 inch widescreen, which is touch sensitive. The iPod has all of the old features, Music, Photos, Video, Calendar etc, but YouTube and Safari are built in, and they connect with the iPod’s new WiFi system.

Better then my old Nano? Easily. I just have to pull £200 from they air and it’s mine.

SoonR – Mobile Access August 26, 2007

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I’m quite big on the idea of accessing my computer while on the go. VNC is perfect for it, and it can be made secure with good old SSH. Grabbing files? No problem, Secure FTP Server, and a Web front end too. Heck, even throw in CGI-Telnet whilst I’m at it. It all works well, until I realize I’ve not got a PC on the other end to connect with. Confused

This is where SoonR steps in. Sign up for it, download the client (it works on Mac and Windows) and set up Application Access, and folder shares. Then simply go to www.soonr.com on your Mobile Phone’s browser and you get to access it all. Secure, simple, and kinda cool. Check it out.



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